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Railroad Accident

Railroad/Railway Accident Attorneys



Train accidents have become more common frequently, with reports occurring nationwide on derailments, collisions and accidents due to pure neglect. The recent tragedies on several Metrolink railroad accidents have left many people severely injured and many fatalities. These accidents have highlighted the degree of negligence that has been occurring in many railroads, from negligence in maintenance of equipment to engineers failing to take the proper care while conducting. Our office handled a case for claimants who were involved in a Metrolink Train v. Metro Bus where the investigation was inconclusive as to which party was at fault. Our investigators worked diligently to aid the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority with their investigation in order to conclude the matter expeditiously. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a railroad accident, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.


There are specific laws that govern railroads which require the service of a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with them in order to proceed with obtaining compensation on your behalf. A train carries a black box that records many different aspects of the train’s performance, such as speed and other factors. Maintenance records, track inspection reports and communications between crew and dispatch centers can all be reviewed when determining liability. Because there are so many factors that could affect negligence, a knowledgeable legal counsel is highly recommended to direct their investigator to the appropriate avenues to pursue your claim.

Whether you have been injured in a serious collision on a train of the Metrolink, fallen in a station, or been struck at a railroad crossing, Rosenberg Law, P.C. can focus on pursuing your claim for injuries and striving for compensation on your behalf. You may be entitled to recovery of damages for medical costs, lost time from work in addition to pain and suffering. Don’t make the same mistake that several people make by dealing directly with a railroad claims adjuster who does not have your interests in mind. They are trained to mitigate damages for the policy they speak for. You can even the playing field by consulting with our experienced and dedicated staff today.

Contact an experienced Railroad/Railway Accident Lawyer to discuss any potential for recovery you are entitled to.

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