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What is a personal injury case?

Personal injury cases originate when a person is injured due to an incident, accident, or any negligent action of another, causing damages to a victim. Incidents such as motor vehicle related accidents, truck accidents, ambulance accidents, equipment malfunction, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, and dog bites can all result in severe injuries to an individual that may have a legal right to recover for their damages if the negligent party can be proven liable. If you or someone you love has been injured, hurt and/or damaged by another, contact Rosenberg Law, P.C. to help you determine your best legal options.

Rosenberg Law, P.C. represents clients who have been injured in accidents or whose loved ones have suffered an injury or death as a result of negligence or medical malpractice. At our firm our focus is on you, our client. After your car accident, construction site accident, slip-and-fall, defective product or medical malpractice injury, our staff of attorneys, investigators, and paralegals will work hard to obtain maximum recovery for you. Rosenberg Law, P.C. has developed the resources dedicated to personal injury cases to successfully negotiate your claim with the best possible results in favor of the client. Alex Rosenberg has gained exceptional knowledgeable in most personal injury situations from his 30 plus years of experience serving clients in Florida, New York and California.


Rosenberg Law’s proven and successful approach is to investigate the case as soon as possible and gather all available evidence we can before our opposition. Rosenberg Law’s attorneys dispatch licensed private investigators to locate and interview all witnesses, examine the location where the incident occurred and gather as much evidence before our opposition begins to evaluate the claim during the pre-litigation phase.

“In the initial phase, our investigators inspect the site, seek out all reports, review available facts and locate all possible witnesses to interview in order to compile the best evidence possible for the our handling attorney. Once this important procedure is completed, the lawyer gathers the pre-litigation team and develops the legal strategy that will be used to conclude the claim, if it is possible. If the claim cannot be concluded amicably, your Lawyer meets with the litigation team to create a strategy for preparing and fighting for you in court.” Rosenberg Law, P.C.

Rosenberg Law’s pre-litigation and litigation teams are committed to providing you with the personal attention you deserve and will take stern steps forward throughout the case and explore every possible means to make you whole again. Combining vigorous representation with a commitment to personal service, our highly skilled team of attorneys, attorney assistants, paralegals, licensed investigators, legal secretaries, and clerks have consistently provided clients throughout California, New York and Florida with excellent results. The Rosenberg Law Firm understands that you are going through a very difficult time during the period you are involved in the case. Therefore, our team focuses on properly preparing you to get through the entire process, including the trial, if the defense is not willing to settle your case in a reasonable manner.

“We believe that the only way to approach our clients is through care, compassion, and empathetic representation. Our ultimate ambition is to help you get through the entire case and resolve the issues as expeditiously as possible so you can move on with your life.” Rosenberg Law, P.C.

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